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14,000 RPM Spindle 

50-14,000 RPM 50 HP duty rated, 30 HP continuous. 223 ft lb duty rated, 88 ft lb  


Rigid Tap CAT 40 Spindle Interface

JIS Retention Stud

DD Motor Rotary Table 

Pallet Clamp Confirmation Function 

Provides error checking capability to verify that the pallet has been properly  

clamped to the machine table and performs an additional `pallet lift` to allow the  

pallet to seat properly or alarm if pallet is not confirmed. PCC requires 1 seconds  

processing time. 

Feed Axis Acceleration X/Y = 1G/1G 

Automatic Grease Supply Device 

60 Tool ATC 

White Color Base/Texture

Pallet Changer

 Pallet Changer Safety Cover

APC Door Interlock 

Random Pallet Selection 

Permits the assignment of individual programs for each pallet. As the pallets are  

loaded into the machine the assigned program is automatically searched in  

memory, work offset compensation amounts are searched and set, and program  

execution is started. In MMC applications, this function is turned off and replaced  

by the MAS A5 cell controller logic. 

400mm Tapped Hole Pallet Specification (for 2 pallets) 

400mm (15.7 inch) square tapped hole pallets with 24, M16 tapped holes. 

Eight (8) Nozzle Coolant 

Eight (8) coolant nozzles positioned around the spindle face. 

Overhead Shower Coolant System 

22 Nozzles 

Terrace Washing Coolant  

300 psi Through Spindle Coolant and Air 


300 psi @ 7.9 gpm (60Hz) Through Spindle Coolant system and Air. 

Water Soluble Coolant

Lift-up Chip Conveyor 

Left discharge lift-up conveyor. Tank capacity 515L (136 gallons). Not available  

for 313 ATC 

Secondary Filter For Through Spindle Coolant  

Automatic Splash Guard Includes door lock and LED light. 

Operator Door Lock (Operation Mode)

Air Dryer

Vision B.T.S. (Broken Tool Sensor) 

Vision BTS camera mounted in ATC magazine. 

I/O Interface for Measurement 

I/O Interface Board necessary for retrofitting US supplied probing options. 

Automatic Fire Extinguish Interface 

Portable Manual Pulse Generator with the Handle Enable Button 

Signal Light 3-Layer 

Language (English) 

Screen Language Type A  

Manuals Language Type A 

Machine manuals/documentation are provided on a USB drive that includes;  

Instruction, Periodic Maintenance, Peripheral Device, PRO6 Operation, Parts  

Manual & PRO6 M-Code List. 

Manuals Language Type A 

Includes FANUC Instruction Manual, Parameter Manual, and Maintenance  

Manual in CD media only. 

Legend Plate (English) Unit: Inch 

Inspection Reports in Metric (only for MM)

FANUC Guarantee (2 years) 

Export Packing A (High cube container) 60Hz

460V UL Electrical Specification 

Electrical components in machine`s main electrical cabinet are UL rated. 

Number of Primary Control Axes : 4 Axes 

Linear Interpolation Type Positioning 

Linear interpolation type positioning is a positioning system in which the  

respective axis movements are synchronized so that the tool path of the feed axes  

is linear at all times. The path is a simple line even when multiple axes are moved  


Helical Interpolation (G02,G03) 


Allows circular interpolation of any two (2) axes while also interpolating a linear  


User Memory 2GB+1GB 

2 GB Program Memory for NC program and sub program storage. This memory  

is fully functional with macros and logical statements. Also includes 1 GB Data  

Center capable of storing image files and machine data files. 

External Setting Type Spindle Orientation 


Orient the spindle to any angle via M-code, increment amount is 0.1 degrees. 

Tool Offset Memory C 

Fanuc Tool Offset Screen includes H, H (wear), D & D (wear). 

Tool Offset 400 Pairs 

Fanuc Tool Offset Screen contains registers for 400 tools. 

Workpiece Coordinate System Pairs 54 (6+48) 

In addition to the default six workpiece coordinate systems (G54 to G59) 48  

additional workpiece coordinate systems can be used. When a P code is specified  

together with G54.1, the corresponding coordinate system is selected from the  

additional workpiece coordinate systems (P1 to P48). 

Optional Block Skip: Total 9 

Allows the operator to select certain program blocks to be skipped or not,  

depending on switch selection. 

Program Quick Restart Function 

The Quick Program Restart function includes the conventional Program Restart  

functionality and provides additionally multiple ways of efficient program restart  

based on program restart memory. 

Rigid Tapping Retract Function 


Provides a method for retracting a tap in case of power outage, E-stop, etc. 

Custom Macro Common Variables 1100 

Includes Common Variables #100 to #199 (non-holding type) & #500 to #1599  

(holding type) 

Scaling (G51/G50) 

Generates a percent multiplier of X and Y axis dimensional moves to increase or  

decrease size of output geometry. 

Macro Variable File Output Function 

Macro Variable File Output Function is a function to output macro variables to the  

Data Center by M code. Registered values on macro values such as measurement  

results are available to be seen on a personal computer screen. Macro variable file,  

which output to data center, is available to customize such as display on PC screen,  

print out, and saving in PC by customers. 

Coordinate System Rotation (G68/G69) 

With this function the part, or work coordinate system, can be rotated through any  

angle in increments as small as 0.001 degrees about an arbitrary center. The same  

part program can therefore produce the part profile at the rotational position  

selected without the need to generate a `new` program at each arbitrary angle. 

High Speed Skip 

Increases accuracy of the probe by increasing the frequency which the CNC  

control monitors the probe for the touch trigger. (The standard skip function  

setting is 0-2.0 msec., the high speed skip function setting is 0-0.1 msec.) the end  

user can benefit by decreasing probing time through increasing probe feedrates at  

the standard accuracy, or increase probing accuracy at the standard probe  


Adaptive Control Function (AC Function) 

Enables the cutting feedrate to be optimized according to the amount of spindle  

load. If the spindle load exceeds the AC upper limit value, then the feedrate is  

automatically reduced. 

GI Control 

Motion Control System with various functions for optimizing machine operation  

by reducing cycle time and improving part quality. 

Energy Saving Function 

Functions provided to reduce the amount of electric power used by the machining  

center. Includes Eco Mode functions for standby mode and Spindle Peak Power  



Machine Relocation Detection Function – Required for Japanese machine tool  

export control compliance. 

 Eight Digit Tool Codes 

 Machine Set-up & Installation 

 a51nxTRAINING Training 

Two (2) training credits are included with each machine purchased. Each training  

credit is valid for students to attend any scheduled class at a Makino training  

facility. These credits are valid for one year after the installation of the machine.  

Any training after this year will be on a tuition basis. Training credits are not valid  

for onsite training. 

2 a51nxTRANS Transformer  

 a51nxWARRANTY Machine Warranty 


A two (2) year CNC warranty with a full one (1) year machine warranty from the  

date of shipment excluding perishable items (e.g.: wipers, filters, covers, etc.) This  

standard warranty from Makino to the original buyer is from date of shipment  

from Mason, OH or port of entry. 

 L6527 Machine Standard Supplies

Includes 10oz of Spindle Taper Lube and Semi-Glossy Touchup Paint