2017 HAAS VF 6 model VF6/40 CNC Vertical CNC Machining Center, HAAS CNC Controls

2017 HAAS VF 6 model VF6/40 CNC Vertical CNC Machining Center, HAAS CNC Controls

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2017 HAAS VF 6 model VF6/40 CNC Vertical CNC Machining Center, HAAS CNC Controls, w/ 24 Station Side Mount Tool Changer, 64” X 28table. SN:1145038 ,10K RPM Spindle,  4TH & 5TH axis Ready.

The 2017 HAAS VF-6/40 CNC Vertical Machining Center is a robust industrial tool designed for precision machining operations. Equipped with HAAS CNC controls, this model ensures efficient and accurate performance for a variety of machining tasks. It features a 24-station side mount tool changer, enabling rapid tool changes and minimizing downtime.

With a spacious 64” x 28” table, the VF-6/40 provides ample workspace to accommodate large workpieces or multiple smaller components simultaneously, enhancing productivity and flexibility in manufacturing processes. The machine is equipped with a 10,000 RPM spindle, capable of handling a wide range of materials and cutting operations at high speeds.

Moreover, the VF-6/40 is 4th and 5th axis ready, allowing for advanced machining capabilities such as complex multi-axis milling and contouring. This capability expands the machine’s versatility and makes it suitable for intricate and demanding machining tasks across various industries.

Serial number 1145038 indicates its specific manufacturing identity, ensuring traceability and documentation for maintenance and operational history. Overall, the 2017 HAAS VF-6/40 combines precision, speed, and versatility, making it a valuable asset in modern CNC machining environments.


Serial Number1145038
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