2014 HAAS Mdl. EC-1600 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, HAAS CNC Controls

2014 HAAS Mdl. EC-1600 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, HAAS CNC Controls

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The 2014 HAAS EC-1600 CNC Horizontal Machining Center exemplifies precision and versatility in industrial machining. Equipped with HAAS CNC Controls, this model, identified by serial number 20543908, offers exceptional reliability and performance for a range of machining tasks.

**Key Specifications:**

- **Spindle:** The machine features a robust spindle capable of achieving high rotational speeds, optimizing efficiency and machining quality. (Specific RPM details can be verified based on the actual machine.)


- **Spindle Hours:** With only 1105 hours of use, this machine is in excellent operational condition, ensuring longevity and reliability in production environments.

- **4th Axis Capability:** Fully equipped for 4th axis machining, the EC-1600 expands machining capabilities with enhanced precision and flexibility, crucial for complex part production.

- **Tooling System:** Utilizing a 50 Taper tool holder system, it supports a wide array of tooling options, accommodating diverse machining requirements with ease.

**Design and Features:**

- **Build:** Constructed with HAAS's renowned engineering standards, the EC-1600 boasts a robust build that enhances stability and vibration dampening, critical for maintaining accuracy during high-speed machining operations.

- **Control System:** HAAS CNC Controls provide intuitive operation and programming flexibility, allowing operators to streamline workflow and optimize production efficiency.

- **Versatility:** Designed for horizontal machining applications, it excels in tasks ranging from milling to drilling, catering to various industrial sectors including aerospace, automotive, and precision engineering.

**Condition and Value:**

- **Year:** Manufactured in 2014, this machine combines modern technology with proven reliability, offering substantial value compared to its original price of $330,000 when new.

- **Maintenance:** Regularly serviced and maintained, the EC-1600 is ready to deliver consistent performance, making it a cost-effective investment for expanding machining capabilities or upgrading production facilities.


The 2014 HAAS EC-1600 CNC Horizontal Machining Center stands as a testament to HAAS's commitment to precision engineering and advanced manufacturing solutions. Ideal for businesses seeking to enhance productivity and versatility in their machining operations, this machine represents a reliable choice for demanding industrial environments.


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